CCTV Camera Systems

Closed-circuit television (CCTV) cameras record footage of your business premises. Target site entrances, access points and valuable assets to deter criminal activity. CCTV is an independent surveillance solution and an efficient method to counter crime at your business location.  

SNAP Access & Security provide CCTV cameras and surveillance for a range of commercial sites and property types. 

Why invest in CCTV? 

Installing a CCTV security system protects your premises against criminal threats and ensures you generate a return on your investment. Benefits include: 

  • Crystal clear image recording (2-8 MP) 
  • Colour night-time images as standard (starlight technology) 
  • View live or recorded footage from any mobile, tablet or PC 
  • Images recorded for 30 days 
  • Deter criminal activity 
  • Improve site security 
  • Identify and track persons of interest 
  • Increase workplace safety 
  • Provide evidence to prosecute criminals 
  • Lower insurance costs. 

By monitoring your site security remotely, CCTV reduces staff workload. Cameras detect potential criminals and their crimes before they take place, allowing security and police to intervene. For 24/7 surveillance, we can add automatic scanning and alarm features.  

Our solutions 

The SNAP Access & Security CCTV camera systems allow users to monitor their site day and night in HD. We offer a wide range of solutions and have the best product to suit your installation:  

CCTV cameras 

  • Domes – Small and discreet. Easy to conceal which direction the camera is pointing and generally resistant to vandalism.  

For internal use. 

Turrets – Small, inconspicuous, and weatherproof. Fast and flexible installation.  

For external use on buildings or petrol forecourts.  

  • Bullets – Large, visible and act as a deterrent. Provides an exceptional level of image quality over greater distances.  

For external use. Mounted on CCTV columns. 

  • Pan Tilt Zoom – Control the lens movement and zoom control from a remote location.  

For external use. Mounted on buildings or columns to cover large areas.  

Specialist cameras 

  • Thermal imaging – Detect intruders’ day or night in any weather condition via an easily identifiable heat signature. 

For internal and external use.  

  • Smoke and phone call detection – Identify visitors who are smoking or making a phone call in restricted areas.  

For internal and external use. Commonly found in petrol stations. 

  • People counting – Accurately track footfall and analyse customer metrics to improve profits and efficiency.  

For internal use. Installed in entrances.   

  • Fisheye – Achieve dynamic viewing angles and panoramic 360° surveillance coverage. Added heat mapping records how much time customers spend in certain areas.  

For internal use. Installed in the centre of a room. 

  • Facial attributes – Profile customers and create demographic insights on visitors who enter your premises.  

For internal and external use – anywhere pedestrian traffic exists.  

CCTV in action 

SNAP Access & Security installed CCTV surveillance technology at Leeds Extra MSA to deter and prevent criminal activity within the premises.  



How do CCTV systems work? 

CCTV systems constantly record important views of business premises to deter criminal activity and monitor site movements. The images are transmitted wirelessly and stored to a recording device but can also be viewed live in HD from a phone, tablet, or PC.  

Can CCTV cameras be hacked? 

CCTV security products can become vulnerable to hackers without encryption or relevant network security. SNAP Access & Security ensure that all CCTV cameras have the latest hacking prevention technologies to prevent any attacks.  

If you would like to discuss how our CCTV solutions can benefit your business, get in touch today. 


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