One of the most comprehensive projects SNAP Access & Security have worked on, is their installation of security systems at Extra Motorway Services. Extra are one of the largest service station operators and are located throughout the UK. The success of the initial installation at Extra Motorway Services in Cobham encouraged Extra’s management to use SNAP Access & Security to fit systems in another four of their sites.

The introduction of security technologies at Extra Services has had a positive impact on the protection of revenue, as the cameras ensure that every vehicle is paying for the correct duration of their stay. Extra have noted a significant increase, around 20% in revenue since going live with SNAP Access & Security.

Staff efficiency has also been increased. The ANPR system, combined with the Payment Terminals allows drivers a self-service option, minimising the staff workload. Employees previously checked each vehicle and processed payments via the till. Drivers can use the payment terminals in 15 languages, improving the customer experience and reducing any language barrier problems.

The ANPR parking and payment system SNAP Access and Security have installed at our sites has increased the revenue we generate from parking by around 20% across all five sites. Whilst we were initially sceptical about the benefits of such a system the increase in revenue and staff efficiency has prompted us to install the system at more of our sites including a new build in Leeds. The system has reduced the amount of time I have to spend doing admin which is a real help as it allows me get on with more important tasks.

The staff at SNAP are always happy to take on board our feedback about improvements to the system which has led to an ongoing programme of software development to meet our needs. Our site at Cobham is the busiest MSA in the country with over 100,000 vehicles visiting every week which brings its own challenges. We have certainly put the team at SNAP to the test but they have resolved any issues we have had in a timely fashion.

I am pleased with the additional revenue the system has generated and I look forward to more of these systems being installed at our sites.”

Ross Mendenhall Senior Area Manager, Extra MSA

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